Copy of How myselfie works!

Myselfie is a really easy and simple concept for you to capture sweet, fun and fabulous moments at your event. Here are 8 simple facts about Myselfie :)  

1. Make your BOOKING HERE for 24 hours, weekends and 2-5 days

 2. You will receive an email confirmation with booking details shortly after your booking has been completed

 3. 1-2 days before your event you will receive the Myselfie in a box, delivered by Parcel Force

 4. Setup the Myselfie and take a few test pictures (setting it up takes 3-4 minutes) and you can see how to set it up in the video here :)


5. All bookings include unlimited pictures and you can choose between six fabulous filters - try to see if you can beat the record of 2358 pics in one evening :)

 6. After your event take down the Myselfie, place it safely back into the box and stick on the prepaid return label

 7. Drop off the Myselfie at your local post office the first coming business day after your event

 8. A few days after you have returned the Myselfie you will receive an email with a link to all your pictures for you to download for free - this link you can share with ALL you friends and family :)