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We have listed some of the most asked questions about myselfie!

Why can I not order a myselfie?

If you are making a last minute booking the system will block your order. But please send us an email at smile@hiremyselfie.co.uk  and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

How is myselfie delivered?

Myselfie UK is working with the courier Parcel Force, who will handle the delivery. 

Our myselfie will be shipped to your delivery address by Parcel force and the first upcoming business day after your event, you most put on the return label on the Suitcase and drop it of at your local Post Office dropoff.

How big is the myselfie and can I ship it myself?

Our myselfie is delivered in a suitcase that can be carried around. In the suitcase you will find myselfie, tripod, powercabel, 31 party props and a return label. Please make sure to make yourself available for the courier Parcel Force on the delivery day, after the event you most stick on the return label and drop it of at local Post Office dropoff.

How many pictures can myselfie take?

myselfie has a local maximum capacity of 5,000 images, but the record is "only" 2605 pictures in one evening. If you connect myselfie to wifi - there is no maximum number of pictures :)

myselfie will give you a notification if it reaches the limit of 5,000 pictures and will easily guide to wifi connectivity.

How and when do I receive my pictures?

As soon as we have received the myselfie, we will edit your pictures and forward an email to you with a link so you can download them. Typically you have the pictures within 48 hours after we have received the myselfie.

Can I move the myselfie around during the evening?

The answer is YES! myselfie can easily be moved around and it only takes 60 seconds to restart.

What happens when you press the screen?

By pressing the screen myselfie  releases a "timer" for 3 seconds. It counts down from 3, 2, 1, and then it takes the picture. After the picture is taken, it will be displayed on the screen for 4 seconds. Here you have the options of deleting it by pressing the red button or go to the next picture by pressing the green button. If you don’t do anything the picture will be saved after 4 seconds.

How large are the pictures?

The picture size is 2880 x 1728 pixels, which is bigger than full HD and we are proud of the quality of the myselfie pictures :)

Can myselfie be mounted on something instead of the tripod?

The Answer is YES, our myselfie can be mounted on a vertical tube. The tube should be between 13mm and 55mm in diameter.

IF you have any questions that are not on this list please send us an email, give us a call or chat it us.