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These are some the questions we normally get from our customers when we get closer to the event.

When will the myselfie arrive? 

The myselfie arrives 1-2 business days before your booking date. It will be delivered to your chosen delivery address. In your order confirmation you can see the shipping address that you shared when making your booking.

How can I see my tracking details?

When the myselfie has been shipped you will receive an email with the tracking details from myselfie and Parcel Force. Check your spam box if you have not received any email.

The email with your tracking details provides estimated time of arrival the morning of your delivery. Please make sure to check the estimated time of arrival on the day and make sure either yourself or someone you know will be available to receive the myselfie. 

Any issues regarding your delivery please contact Parcel Force directly on 0344 800 4466 or check your tracking www.parcelforce.com

When do I need to return the myselfie?

You need to return the myselfie on the first coming business day after the event. You can return the parcel at your local post office that offers daily pickup service before 11:00am. 

Please check HERE for the nearest branch 

What happens if I return the myselfie too late? 

If you fail to return the myselfie on the first upcoming business day after your event there is a fee for delayed return of £149 per day until the myselfie has been returned to us. 

I have lost my return label - want can I do?

If you lose your return label please send us immediately an email smile@hiremyselfie.co.uk - then we can quickly send you a new one, which you will need to print out.

How do I get my pictures?

After we have received the myselfie, we will check that all the pictures have been uploaded and send them to you in a dropbox link - this link you can share with friends and family :)

Do we need to connected the myselfie to WIFI:

No, you do not need to connect the machine to WIFI :) However, we do recommend you connect it to wifi if it is available. That way it will help you to get your pictures faster upon return of the machine.

Can I use the myselfie when it arrives?

Yes :) You can use it as much as you would like throughout the time you have it :) 

How do I setup the myselfie? 

Myselfie is very easy and simple to setup and only takes a few minutes then you’re ready to take selfies :) We recommend you to watch our setup video guide below. 

Other questions?

We are here to help if you have any questions:) Please send us an email smile@hiremyselfie.co.uk or catch us via messenger on our website www.hiremyselfie.co.uk