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Rights and use of images:

Myselfie Uk is the data processor and tenants of myselfie are data controllers. That would say that myselfie is not entitled to use the pictures without a separate written agreement from the hirer.

All the pictures taken at myselfie are therefore self-irrelevant and 100% the hirer responsibility for what the pictures are used for and where they may be used

Storage of the pictures:

All images taken on myselfie are first stored locally on the device.

When the device is connected to WiFi or 4g, the device uploads the images to our media gallery.

When a device returns to our warehouse, it will be connected to WiFi so that all images that remain on the device will be uploaded.

The pictures are stored in the gallery for 45 days after they are uploaded.

The images are then deleted.

Myselfie's data is located on Microsoft's professional and secure Azure Data Centers in Europe.