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How does it work?

1. Make your BOOKING HERE

2. You will receive an email with your booking details

3. A couple of days before your event, will receive the myselfie in a box

4. Set up the myselfie and take a few test pictures (setting it up takes 3-4 minutes) Have a look at our setup guide here:

5. Have an awesome party with unlimited pictures (try to see if you can beat the record of 2358 pics in one evening)

6. Take the myselfie down, place it safely back into the box and stick on the prepaid return label. 

7. Drop the myselfie off at your local post office (the first upcoming business day after your party)

8. A couple of days after your return you will receive an email with a link to all your pictures for you to download for free. The link will be available for 45 days  :)

How to setup myselfie


Does the Myselfie print?