Thanks for your booking

Here are some of the questions we often receive after a booking has been made :)

How do I see what date I have booked?

If you click “view your booking here” in the booking confirmation you have received via email. Here you will be able to see the confirmed booking date, shipping address and billing address.

When will the myselfie arrive? 

The myselfie arrives 1-2 business days before your booking date. It will be delivered to your chosen delivery address. In your order confirmation you can see the shipping address that you shared when making the booking.

When do I have to return the myselfie? 

The myselfie has to be returned on the first coming business day after your event from your local post office. Please check HERE for the nearest branch 

How do I get my pictures?

Once the myselfie has been returned and we have received it you will receive your pictures in a link for your gallery in dropbox. This normally takes a couple business days from the day you return it :)

Please also check our "FAQs before shipping" - click HERE

If you have made your booking with a deposit please read the guidance below :)

When do I have to pay the remaining balance and how much is due?

The remaining balance has to be paid 8 weeks before your booking date and we will send an email to you with the details confirming the remaining amount due to be paid to fulfil your booking. 

How much is the remaining balance when I book with a deposit?

  • weekend booking £110
  • 1 weekday booking £110
  • 2 weekday booking £180
  • 7 days booking £240

Email us at if you have any questions :)


Team Myselfie